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ZPEC President Chen Qingjun Inspects Rumaila Base  [2019/06/09]
Zhongman Equipment Group Attends Russia International Oil and Gas Exhibition  [2019/05/10]
ZPEC New Contract Value in the First Quarter Hit a Record High  [2019/04/28]
ZPEC Egypt Holds Annual Technical Seminar  [2019/01/24]
East Baghdad Project First Phase Successfully Completed  [2019/01/14]
Second Dual-tubing Well in East Baghdad Project Successfully Completed  [2019/01/02]
ZPEC Chairman Li Chundi Inspects Chengdu Base  [2018/10/22]
Successful Water Test of Egyptian Water Well Project  [2018/10/22]
BP Project First Well Spuds-in Successfully  [2018/10/22]
Senior Vice President Li Shiguang Inspects Ukraine Project  [2018/08/27]
Senior Vice President Mr. Li Shiguang Inspects Egypt Project  [2018/08/17]
BP project Rig 26 Enters Iraq Rumaila Oilfield  [2018/08/17]
ZPEC CEO Mr. Zhang Yun Inspects Russian Rosneft Project  [2018/06/05]
ZPEC Rig 15 Sets New Drilling Cycle and ROP Records in Sulige Block  [2018/06/05]
Shell and Halliburton Praise ZPEC Rig 28 for One Year No Lost Time Injury  [2018/06/05]
East Baghdad Directional Well Team Receives Praise  [2018/05/24]
ZPEC President and Vice President Inspect Schlumberger Project  [2018/05/16]
ZPEC Shell Project Conducts Safety Day Activities  [2018/05/16]
Zhongman Logging Team Actively Expands the Domestic Market  [2018/05/16]
ZPEC President Chen Qingjun Inspects ZPEC GAZPROM Project  [2018/05/08]
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