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GCK type of low pressure pumped switch cabinet
GCK low-voltage drawer type switch cabinet application in AC 50-60Hz, rated working voltage 660V an..
GCS type of low pressure pumped switch cabinet
According to the industry department, the power users and design units according to industry de..
XL-21 power distribution cabinet
XL-21 series power distribution cabinet is suitable for AC 50Hz, voltage 500V and the following..
XGN15-12 type six fluorinated sulfur ring cabinet
Product Description: Xgn15-12 (SF6) cell type AC metal closed ring network switchgear (her..
Intelligent high frequency switching power supply
PowerSun series intelligent switch power supply system with high-quality development team, rich..
Outdoor open and close
I. overview: Open and close by the 12kV cable accessories, ring network cabinet or high-volta..
Box type substation
Yb - 12 series of box type substation, will pressure room, transformer room, low-pressure chamber ..
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