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Title: DZ series- DC driving electrical control system Sort: Electric Control System Of Drilling Rig

Features Specifications

2,000m – 9,000m electrical control system for DC drive control system consists of ABB/Siemens DC driver, the auto driller system based on the PID technology, the stable Siemens PLC control technology, the GCS/GDK MCC control cabinet, the integrated monitoring system, the integrated operation interface, the remote diagnosis system, the standard house design, the human-friendly cooling air channel and digital/analog generator control. The whole system is stable and reliable.


Mature technology, stable and reliable product, and low failure rate. The speed of running down and lifting out  is significantly improved with the mechanical shift technology

Softer properties and smooth starting of series wound motors avoid motor synchronization faults

More cost-effective and energy-saving than AC system

Integrated monitoring system and remote diagnosis system, Redundancy design that could improve the system stability


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