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Features Specifications
Domestic commonly used in mechanical/composite drill rig, 3 ~ 4 diesel engine and vehicle and electric drill with 3 ~ 4 sets of diesel generator set grid as power. With oil prices rising, drilling cost increasing, and the complex structure of diesel engine, is out of order, large amount of maintenance, mechanical rig can't stepless speed regulation, the technical performance is poor, unable to better meet low pump speed, small displacement, such as cement grouting process requirement.My company developed for composite and mechanical/electric drill for oil change electricity scheme, using SVG static reactive power generator, using oil field area of 35 kv and 10 kv (6 kv power grid to power drill, truly green drilling zero emissions.
Product features:
Reduce energy consumption, saving the cost of production
Reduce run, run, drip, leak, reducing environmental pollution, reduce noise, improve the working environment
Low realize stepless speed regulation, convenient operation and simpler, better meet the requirements of drilling a special process
Low effectively solve the "flicker" in the process of drilling, reduces the drilling accident rate
Adopt active reactive power compensation technology core(SVG),the product is stable and reliable
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