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Title: Mechanical/Mechanical-electrical Drill Rig Sort: Net Electric Device

Features Specifications

Solution overview

         The reform main idea is to change the original diesel engine power to electric motor set. Rated parameters of electric motor set: 1000KW, 1300rpm. Electric generator can realize stepless speed regulation control by driller control components. Electric motor set can be frequency conversion motor and DC motor, both control performance meet the requirements of drilling. 7000m drilling rig should equipped with three electric motor set, 5000m drilling rig with two electric motor set. Electric motor set can not only run stand-alone, but also in multi-machine parallel operation

         Parts of electric motor control compose low-voltage room. It supplies power for original MCC room too. Auxiliary generator access to low voltage room as standby power.

         Power grid introduced to wellsite through high voltage room. Inside the high voltage room, the grid was transformed into 600/400 v low voltage through transformer, to supply wellsite MCC room and low voltage room. In order to make the wellsite electricity quality reaches the provisions of the state electricity, and to save electricity, it needs to dispose the reactive power compensation and harmonic suppression equipment. Active SVG reactive power compensation and harmonic suppression devices are configured in order to make the power consumption quality of the well site meet the national regulations and save electricity charges.

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