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Title: GCK type of low pressure pumped switch cabinet Sort: Power Distribution Cabinet

Features Specifications
GCK low-voltage drawer type switch cabinet application in AC 50-60Hz, rated working voltage 660V and following control distribution system, by the power distribution center (PC) cabinet and the motor control center (MCC) two parts composition, as the power distribution, motor control and lighting power distribution equipment. Switch cabinet in line with IEC60439-1, the voltage complete switch equipment and control equipment "together, the voltage complete switch equipment and control equipment" GB/T14048.1-93 the low-voltage switch equipment and control equipment general "and other standards. And has a breaking high ability, dynamic thermal stability, advanced and reasonable structure, flexible electric scheme, series, strong versatility, there are a large number of various element scheme is any combination of single cabinet to accommodate the loop, save covers an area, high degree of protection, safe and reliable, maintenance easy. This product is widely used in power plant, substation, metallurgy, textile, petrochemical, industrial and mining enterprises, high-rise buildings and other occasions.
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