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Title: GCS type of low pressure pumped switch cabinet Sort: Power Distribution Cabinet

Features Specifications

According to the industry department, the power users and design units according to industry departments, the requirements of the design of the two joint design group are designed in accordance with the national conditions.. With the high technical performance indicators, can adapt to the development of the electricity market and the need to compete with the existing imported products of the low pressure switch cabinet. The switchgear is available in AC 50 (60) Hz. The amount of working voltage is less than equal to 660V, rated current 4000A and below the hair, power supply system in power distribution, motor centralized control, without the use of reactive power compensation of low-voltage power distribution equipment. Device in accordance with IEC60439-1, the voltage complete switch equipment and control equipment ", GB7251.11997 the low-voltage complete switch equipment and control equipment, and GB/T14048.1-93 the low-voltage switch equipment and control equipment general" and other standards. And it has the characteristics of high breaking capacity, good thermal stability, flexible electrical scheme, strong applicability, novel structure and high protection level..



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