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Title: XGN15-12 type six fluorinated sulfur ring cabinet Sort: Power Distribution Cabinet

Features Specifications

Product Description:

Xgn15-12 (SF6) cell type AC metal closed ring network switchgear (hereinafter referred to as the unit cabinet) is my company introduction of foreign advanced technology and in accordance with the requirements of domestic rural and urban power network renovation designed and successfully developed a new generation of high voltage electrical apparatus product. The technical performance indexes of all the technical indexes are reached to IEC298 and GB3906-91 standards by the strict pattern test and the long run examination.. The main switch of the unit cabinet, operating mechanism and components of the FLN36-12D type switchgear, and its operation mode split up, electric two kinds of. Cabinet with imported tibnor after machining, riveting and, protection grade of IP3X. And reliable mechanical interlock and anti misoperation function.

Two, the use of environmental conditions:

1, the ambient temperature: -30 to +40 DEG C; 2, altitude: 2500m;

3, relative humidity: less than 95% (+25 C); 4, the earthquake intensity is less than 8 degrees;

5, the use of places: no fire, explosive danger, serious pollution, chemical corrosive gas or violent vibration place.

Note: beyond the normal use of the equipment, the user can consult with the factory.

Three, features:

1, the load switch is independent unit, internal charge with six sulfur gas as the insulation medium, long life, high parameters, no pollution, less maintenance;

2, the shell is made of high quality steel plate or according to the needs of users using aluminized zinc plate, resistant to corrosion, oxidation and appearance of novel structure, beautiful appearance, etc.;

3, the spring storage operation, three-phase can automatically jump off, five anti interlocking and operating mechanism, linkage safe and reliable;

4, switch cabinet can easily constitute the power supply unit and other wiring mode, and can be unlimited extension.

5, six sulfur fluoride load switch, comprehensive performance safe and reliable, no oil, no poison, no fire explosion dangerous.



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