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Title: Outdoor open and close Sort: Power Distribution Cabinet

Features Specifications

I. overview:

Open and close by the 12kV cable accessories, ring network cabinet or high-voltage switch cabinet, 12kV electrical components, two components and box of high-voltage electrical equipment. Full flexibility in the use of the cable connector series and parallel advantage and reliable combination according to the demand of the users, the realization of the sealed, full protection, full insulation, anti condensation, anti dust, anti corrosion, maintenance free characteristics, in outdoor all-weather operation, applicable to supply network cable connection, tap and electricity energy transfer and distribution.

Two, the use of environment:

1, temperature: -40 degree to +70 degree, below -40 degree please contact us;

2, humidity: the average relative humidity is no more than 95%, the monthly average of no more than 90%;

3, the altitude of no more than 2000 meters, such as more than use please contact us;

4, the ambient air is not significantly affected by dust, smoke, corrosive or flammable gas, vapor or salt spray pollution;

5, the insulation resistance pollution level for II, no regular violent vibration.

Three, technical parameters:

2 rated voltage 12kV 3 rated current 630A 1 power frequency 42kV 4 lightning impulse voltage.105kV

5.20kA/2s 6 thermal current loop resistance less than 100 ohm.

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