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  Cable is dedicated to the electric control for oil rig, all the manufacturers of the products are well-known companies, for example, Jiangsu Shangshang cable group, the quality of products is reliable and durable, and is highly praised by customers. The following models are available in stock, welcome call us for business and cooperation: telephone:+8618653471619

YCW 3*50mm²+1*16mm² 450/750V

YCW 3*50mm²+1*25mm² 450/750V

ORNM 1*271mm² 2000V

ORNM 535MCM 2000V

ORNM 646MCM 2000V

YCW 1*240mm2   450/750V

ORNM 1*240mm2  2000V

YCW 3*35mm²+1*16mm² 450/750V

YCW 1*185mm²   450/750V

YCW 3*25mm²+1*16mm² 450/750V

YCWP 10*1mm² 450/750V

YCW 10*1.5mm2 450/750V

YCW 10×1mm2      450/750V

YCW 3*10mm²+1*6mm² 450/750V

YCW 2*2.5mm2 450/750V

YCWP 2×1.5mm²    450/750V

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