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ZPEC Egypt Holds Annual Technical Seminar
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On the morning of January 10th, ZPEC Egypt held a technical exchange seminar  between technicians from China and Egypt. The drilling technology experience sharing provided ZPEC Egypt employees the technical support for the safe and efficient production during the next step, which is conducive to further achieving the goal of “reducing costs and increasing efficiency”.

The seminar was hosted by Zhong Xuelang, the manager of the technical department. The participants included drilling engineers, mud engineers, geologists, and logging engineers. Employees actively expressed their opinions and the representatives reported on the achievements and knowledge gained during the year.  They shared their experiences and also discussed their existing problems and solutions.

Subsequently, the technical manager made a technical summary of 2018. Finally, Li Wei, general manager of this company, made concluding remarks. He fully affirmed the efforts made by the company over the past year and encouraged everyone to continue their efforts to drill more high quality wells and to improve the benefit-making abilities of ZPEC Egypt. 


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